#10 Avon Clearskin Pro

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Avon is another well known company that has been producing health care products for a very long time.  Even though they have a lot of experience in this field we were not too impressed with the results of their acne fighting product.

Avon Clearskin Pro Review


Avon is a company that produces an abundance of beauty products and so they have a wide array of knowledge revolving around the human face.  Over the years, the perspective of Avon has changed drastically throughout the world considering that at first it was seen as a “cheap” brand but now many people order from the Avon catalogs whether they are looking for new make up, acne cleansers, or even home necessities.  One of the products offered in the Avon catalog is the Avon Clearskin acne treatment.

This particular acne treatment includes 3 crucial steps: 1. an exfoliating scrub for oil control, 2. toner pads to help rid the skin of any other dirt and bacteria, and 3. a correcting lotion to exfoliate and soothe the skin.  As you can tell by the three products, the main focus of this particular acne system is to exfoliate the top layer of your skin to get rid of any surface dirt and dry skin meanwhile attempting to unclog pores.  The two main ingredients to this system are glycolic acid and salicylic acid not to mention that the application involves an abundance of exfoliating and scrubbing your skin.


Generally with exfoliation products there are an abundance of benefits but unfortunately with the Avon Clearskin regime the benefits are lacking.  Many consumers have said that the product smells wonderfully, which is an important feature to a product that you will be applying to your face.  Many times you will experience chemically induced acne treatment systems that smell horribly which makes the average person less likely to use that particular regime.


As for the negative side of the Avon Clearskin regime, unfortunately there are quite a few.  Considering that the main ingredients to this particular skin care system are a large group of chemicals, you can expect to see some type of irritation occur on your skin, whether you have the most resilient skin in the world or not.  Another detrimental effect to this system is that you will be scrubbing your face with these chemicals which will increase the duration of the irritation.  The final risk that you will be taking while using the Avon Clearskin formula is that you will potentially cause your face to become immune to the use of salicylic acid which is one of the main ingredients in any skin cleanser that rid the skin of dirt.

Final Thoughts

Considering that the Avon Clearskin formula is easy to access through an Avon catalog, many people all over the world have tried the formula and determined that it’s not the way that they want to cleanse their face and rid themselves of all of the pimples.  With the abundance of negative side effects, you will have to determine what the best option for you will be.