#6 Murad Acne Kit

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Murad is a 3 part acne system created by the world renowned Dr. Howard Murad.  This product is great due to the creators extensive knowledge of acne and skin care.

Murad Acne Complex Review

Treatment Details:

Murad, the acne fighting skin regime, was created by Dr. Howard Murad who is said to be one of the leading innovators in skin care technology.  He has created a product that not only promises to rid the average person of current acne conditions but his products have been said to even prevent the chance of any future break outs.  Considering that more than half of the nation’s population will experience acne at some point in their life, having a reliable product on the market can prove to be exponentially beneficial.


This skin care system has three steps including: an exfoliating gel, a cleanser, and a lotion.  The instructions with the regime say that it should be done twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  According to statistics taken from the company themselves, 90% of customers have seen a dramatic different in less than 4 weeks, although there isn’t any solid scientific evidence presenting that this percentage is correct.  The way that Murad works is that it gets rid of dead skin cells and other substances that could be clogging your pores that help to encourage the production of acne.  The exfoliating gel contains salicylic acid, retinol, and glycolic acid which are all used to control oil and to clean the pores even further.  As for the skin lotion, there are a wide variety of botanical ingredients within the formula that are used to soothe any skin irritations that can be caused be reoccurring acne.


Unlike many acne regimes in the world, Murad’s company website goes into drastic detail about what is in their products, how they help, and how their acne fighting system can help you.  This can prove to be extremely beneficial because the amount of work that a company puts into describing their product can show a potential consumer whether the company believes in their own product or not.  Another benefit to this system is that there are an abundance of positive reviews available for your reading pleasure which helps to prove that the system has worked for many people all over the world.  The final and most important benefit is that although this particular acne regime isn’t 100% natural, it uses chemicals that are significantly less harsh on a person’s face compared to a variety of other acne treatments.


Although there are an abundance of positive customer reviews, the negative reviews state one common factor.  According to many people who purchase Murad, the exfoliating gel has the tendency to not work.  The product itself is said to control oil and to prevent oil from forming, though many customers have complained about how this product actually makes their skin oilier.  Thus, why it is imperative that you read customer reviews prior to purchasing a product.

Final Thoughts:

Murad is an acne fighting regime that was designed by a world renowned dermatologist.  The system makes a lot of promises to its clients and it fulfills most of them, which is a factor that should be taken into consideration.  Considering that there are a lot of acne treatments on the market that are considered to be mediocre, Murad most definitely raises that bar and promises perfection.