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Proactiv is an over-the-counter anti-acne medication system supposedly prevents and treats a wide variety of acne.  Proactiv is probably one of the most widely known acne products on the market due to its endorsements by numerous amounts of celebrities.

Proactiv Review


Acne is a common problem amongst people of all different ages across the nations and it can prove to be an extremely tedious ailment.  Although acne is an unfortunate event, there are a copious amount of products available for those who are looking to rid their face of pimples and any other blemishes.  One product in particular is Proactiv.  Proactiv has been advertised as one of the best pimple fighting agents available on the market today, but that isn’t the whole truth.

Proactiv is a three step process that claims to eliminate every type of blemish from consumer’s faces.  Within this 3 step program there is a renewing cleanser, a repairing lotion and a revitalizing toner.  The renewing cleaners has microscopic beads that help to scrub the dead skin off of the face, it is commonly known as an exfoliant.  The repairing lotion is said to repair any damage that may have occurred on the surface of the skin in the past including acne scars.  As for the revitalizing toner it contains glycolic acid that removes all of the oil from the skin.  Oil and bacteria are the two factors that create the most amount of pimples on a person’s face.


The pros of Proactiv aren’t as in-depth as the cons, although this particular acne system is endorsed by celebrities including Jessica Simpson, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry.  The most convenient benefit to this 3-step regime is that there are two formulas that you can choose from.  The first formula was created by using benzoyl peroxide which had the tendency to cause allergic reactions to many of the people who used it, the second formula was created by using salicylic acid, which is a more hypoallergenic chemical.


As for the negative effects of Proactiv, they are in abundance.  Although this 3-step program runs its marketing campaign around the sole basis that it works for every type of acne, that is not entirely true.  Many people who experience serious acne problems may turn to Proactiv and find that this particular type of acne cleanser does not work.  Even those who have a mild case of acne has tried the regime and have found it to not work as well.  Another factor that many consumers don’t know is that once you start using Proactiv, you cannot stop.  If you allow this 3-step regime to rid your face of any blemishes, you should be prepared to use it for the rest of your life otherwise your acne will return twice as strong as before.

Final Thoughts

Proactiv is a popular acne solution that is known all over the world but although it is widely publicized, it isn’t the best option for people who have more than a miniature case of acne issues.  With the fact that it can cause harmful allergic reactions or that it can cause your skin to become addicted to the Reliant, it is a hefty decision that you will have to decide upon prior to purchasing this 3-step regime.