#9 Neutrogena Complete Acne

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Neutrogena is a company that makes a numerous amounts of Health products that range from Shampoo to Make Up to Lotions.  Neutrogena recently came out with this new acne fighting product and yields high expectations due to the backing company.

Neutrogena Complete Acne Review


Neutrogena has been an acne fighting company for several years and since their founding, they have created an abundance of acne care regimes.  The Neutrogena Complete Acne system is generally the second source that people go to once they have determined that other systems such as Proactiv have stopped working for them.  With the abundance of chemicals in the formulas, this system has proven to work extremely well but considering that you will be scrubbing your face with purely chemicals, is it really the best product on the market today?


The Neutrogena Complete Acne system includes a skin polishing cleanser, a sun shield lotion, and an overnight lotion.  These three steps work together to stop the acne cycle that affects the lives of many acne patients.  This formula is said to give your skin a healthy looking glow meanwhile ridding your face of all different types of blemishes, regardless of how severe your acne problems may be.  The skin polishing cleanser is used to rid your face of any dry skin and to open up your pores, the sun shield lotion is to put on your skin after you cleanse in order to protect your face from UV rays, and the overnight lotion is what you put on before bed to lock in all of the moisture.


Considering that this system contains an abundance of chemicals, there are due to be negative side effects to using this formula.  Unlike many other acne solutions, the Neutrogena Complete Acne system does get rid of all different types of acne, but with a few side effects.  A lot of consumers who have tried this 3-step regime have noticed that the formula tends to dry out their skin even with the two moisturizers.  The main concern with dried skin is that it tends to force your face to produce more oil which in turn results in more pimples.  Another issue that many users have experienced is an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the formula.  One of the most imperative things to remember when using a formula is that you want to ensure that it is gentle on all skin types so that you avoid all cleansers that produce itchy, red, inflamed, or irritated skin symptoms.

Final Thoughts

The Neutrogena Complete Acne system is an over-the-counter acne treatment that contains an abundance of chemicals that are said to rid the average person’s face of all blemishes and imperfections and it lives up to its promise, but at what cost?  Many clients have said that they have lost their existing blemishes but have gathered red, painful, and irritated skin.  If you are willing to deal with the extremely damaging consequences then the Neutrogena Complete Acne system is for you.