Acne – A Teenagers Response

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Our teenage years are among the most exciting but also the most difficult that we face in the journey through life. This is the time when we stop thinking and behaving like children and start trying to behave like adults. It is also the time when we become awakened to the first call of love and find girls attractive and beautiful rather than boring and annoying, and they find us interesting and exciting rather than boorish and mean. If all this was not enough to contend with we also have to put up with the testostorone in our system rising to such extreme levels that it starts to burst out of us in the form of pimples and spots. And the scourge of many teenages, the dreaded acne!

The first spot appears and it becomes to us the single thing that tells those that are looking at us exactly who we are and in many ways seems to sum up exactly what we feel about ourselves. In it exists the sum total of all our insecurity and to us it blows the last chance that we ever had of ever getting a good night kiss from the beautiful Sally who has recently went through a recent metamorphous changing from a skinny girl with pig tails to a young lady with style.

Every instinct that we have to deal with our spot is something that will just exacerbate the problem. If I scratch it I will spread the bacteria that causes it and instead of just dealing with the one single spot I could find myself being in possession of several of them, if it try to pop it I could do the same thing. Likewise if I grow my hair long and brush it in such a way to cover my shame I will just be giving the bacteria a place where it can thrive.

Acne is not an easy thing to deal with, especially as more often than not it comes at such an uncertain and transitional time of our lives. As someone that was a teenager once and who can remember the difficulties of growing up, I can offer some practical advice to those who are dealing with spots. First of all they are never quite as bad as we imagine them to be and secondly they do not define who we are. Thirdly, and most importantly, deal with them rather than trying to hide them. That means using a hypoallergenic soap and getting a cream that contains benzoyl peroxide. Do not try to cover the spot or spots with long hair and do not touch it. For girls, the same advice applies with the addition of not putting make-up over it as all these things just make things worse. Finally come to terms with the fact that you may have spots for a few years and resign yourself to the fact that worrying about it will only produce stress and stress will only cause you to have more spots and console yourself with the fact that any one who cannot see past a few spots or acne is not the type of person that you really want to be thinking about spending the rest of your life with!