Living with Acne and Coming to terms with it!

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Skin Care is a multi million dollar business and just looking at advertisements and the amount of money spent on adverts relating to make-up or skin care you get an understanding of just how much importantance people place on their outward appearances. Acne although not life threatening or really that serious can become something that alters our lives and depicts important aspects in the development of our personality and character. This is mainly due to the fact that acne tends to break out in a person at the worse posible time; the time when they are coming to terms with their puberty and going through the stage of adolescence where they are in the transition of changing from a child into an adult.

If acne were to be something that came in either mid life or old age it would not carry the weight that it does because by later on in life most people have come to realise that they are not defined by their outward appearance but by their inner character and the moral fibre that structures who they are. However, try telling a teenager that the spot on his or her face is quite inconsequencial and that they should not be affected by it.

There is no definitive treatment for acne but if people follow some simple steps they can manage the condition fairly well and if dealt with correctly though it may not be made better but alternatively if not dealt with correctly can be made an aweful lot worse.

What we eat and drink can make the condition more serious, a diet of French fries, fatty or oily meals such as burgers, cakes along with a sugar rich diet can increase the spots. Similarly drinking fizzy sweet drinks will have the same effect.

Good hygene as well as a good diet is crucial effectivly managing acne or any other skin condition. This includes not handling the spots or pimples by squeezing or scratching them, and washing with a hypoallergenic soap two or three times a day.

You may also want to speak to your pharmacist and buy a gentle cream that contains benzoyl peroxide. It is important that when you start using a cream for the first time you apply it to a test area in order to gauge whether or not your skin is going to react to it and once you have found a cream that soothes rather than inflames it may be wise to stick with that brand and be content to manage the problem and weather it until the condition is a thing of the past.

The average age for someone to get over their acne is twenty-five but I believe that by good management and hygienic living they will minimise the time and the degree that acne affects their life. Changing your clothes and bed sheets are an important part of managing acne as well as not holding a mobile phone to you face or covering your spots with long hair as either of these practices will only serve to spread the bacteria that causes acne. Finally realise that one day your skin will be Ok and try not to allow a few spots to define who you are!